Date ideas that are Free

10 Amazing Date ideas that are Free

Everyone knows that dating is fun. But everyone is so busy with their works, that they can’t even have quality time with their partner, where simple dating can make your bonds stronger. In this article, I’ll talk about 10 amazing date ideas that are Free.

By following the tips to make your dates more interesting. Just make a checklist and one by one try these 10 free date ideas with your partner. 

Paint your Partner

This is going to really reveal how your partner sees you for better or for worst. So what you are gonna do, just grab your medium of choice, it could be acrylic paint, or it could be markers whatever you have lying around your house. Then you’re gonna sit opposite each other so that you can see each other’s canvases. Give yourself 30 minutes to paint a portrait of your partner. Now it’s completely ok to not have any art skills. Maybe it looks terrible but you guys will have a good laugh. 

Drive and look at Christmas lights

Bored at home! Well, you can go for a short trip to look at the Christmas lights and have a wonderful time together. Your destination shouldn’t be necessarily close either. Remember that also, the time you spend on the journey can be enjoyed in large.

Couple Yoga

Acro Yoga Challenge

Have you guys seen photos of those couples doing those elaborate poses that are like half acrobatics half yoga? Well, you are gonna attempt your own acro yoga date night. So go online, and find a hand full of poses that you wanna try out. Find a wide-open space where you’re not going to cruse into anything and have something soft to land on preferably like carpet or grass. Then set up the camera and try the different poses. Not only it a fun flirty way to work out with your spouse or partner but you also have some super cool photos at the end of the night to show. 

Have him try to do your makeup

Ask him to do your daily makeup. Here, you can’t tell him how to do, and what things to use. With this challenge, you can understand how much you partner notice you. 

Cook in secret and separately

Here you have to cook food for your partner, where separately you have to go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients. Then divide the kitchen to prepare the food, where you can’t help each other and can’t share anything until it’s fully prepared.

Backyard Camping

If you can’t go to a national park or a state park, you can still get the outdoorsy camping experience right behind your house. So set up a tent in your backyard, get a bonfire going, and then you can even have a full experience by roasting a marshmallow or hotdogs over the fire and ending the night with some stargazing.

print a canvas together

Paint a canvas together

Don’t know how to paint something? Then it’s a perfect thing to try with your partner. So what you are gonna do, just grab the pencils, colours, or markers and search on the internet for any funny painting. It can a cartoon character or anything that you find interesting, and try to copy it together. Maybe it looks terrible but you guys will have a good laugh. 

Massage at Home

You don’t need to be an expert to give a massage to your partner. You don’t need any special massage oil for this, you can use the ordinary oil that you use on your body and lay down on the floor or carpet. Then start giving massage each other one by one. Not only it will release your stress as well as it will create stronger bonding with your partner. 

Write a song together 

You might have to get a little bit out of your comfort zone for this one. Just think of a topic that you could write a song about. Brainstorm some lyrics and then start to form them together into a song. You use a tune that you already know or you can make up your own. The topics of the song can be anything like about your last journey, or about any funny things.

Sunrise Picnic

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Just pack up your breakfast, blankets and beanbags and go to the nearest spot from where you can see the sunrise. Then enjoy your breakfast by watching the sunrise together. Usually, we don’t wake up early enough to see the sunrise, but I promise you guys it is so worth it.

Please share your thoughts if you find these free date ideas are exciting and share your experience.

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