5 qualities that makes good relationship

5 Qualities that Makes Good Relationship

After being in a relationship for some time, many people feel disappointed and frustrated in many ways and think they have chosen the wrong person in their lives. So, what makes good relationship? In this article, you will learn about five key qualities that make a good relationship.

If the couple are disappointed in their relationship, and If we ask her/him for details, they may come up with a list of complaints about their partner. For example, they might complain about their partner, is too loyal to his/her family, or doesn’t have similar views on some things, or never wants to go on a date or picnic, or always have some issues while taking any decision. 

But still, they love their partner and they long to be happy together. So, it’s complicated to make this relationship work. 

If we look closely, we can see, what’s creating this frustration is not that they’ve loved the person rather, it is their complicated ideas that they’ve inherited about what makes good relationship. 

We have learned the wrong definition of love and relationship. We think love means a total consolidation of two lives. Where every loving couple should live together in a house, sleeps together in a bed. See each other’s families, and have all their friends in common. Lastly, they should share the same point of view on every topic. 

Well, this vision is beautiful, but a bit hellish one too. Because in this type of love and relationship, couples have to carry an impossibly punitive burden of expectation. In the long run, The results are not going to be well for this type of relationship. 

If couples want to make their relation stronger. Then they should look for Five Qualities in their partner. These are:

  1. Trust
  2. Kindness
  3. Respect
  4. Shared Vulnerability
  5. Understanding


Lack of trust is a key reason behind the ending of many relationships. One should believe that no matter what happens he/she will never do something that will hurt the other one. And everyone also must maintain their partner’s trust. 


Our partner should treat us gently. He/She should tolerate us as we are. If we make any mistake, without yelling at us, he should quietly make us understand what we have made wrong so that one can fix their mistakes.


In relationships, respecting each other is really important. Couples must respect each other’s decisions. Respecting your partner feels him/her special. Your way or tune of speaking with your partner should not be the same as others. 

Shared vulnerability:

Our partner should be the one with whom we can openly talk about our anxieties, worries, and the problems that we are facing. He/she should be the one, where we can be weak, and vulnerable.  


Someone who is interested in and can make sense of certain obscure features of our minds, our obsessions, preoccupations and ways of seeing the world and whom we are excited to understand In turn.

If we have these five critical ingredients to hand, we will feel loved and essentially satisfied. Whatever differences then crop up in a hundred other areas.

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