BCS Preparation Bangla

BCS Preparation Bangla: Guideline for short time preparation

As a BCS candidate, Bangla is one of the most important subjects for your BCS exam. Without really good preparation in Bangla, it will become tough for a student to achieve the goal to become a BCS Cadre. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can start your BCS Preparation Bangla for the preliminary examination.

Before we dive deep, first we have to know about the Marks distribution for Bangla. This will help us to take good preparation, also it will give us an idea about, which topics are less important and which one we should focus more on.

Marks Distribution of Bangla Language and Literature

Bangla Preliminary Syllabus 2

In the BCS preliminary examination, Bangla language and literature occupy a total number of 35 marks. 

These 35 marks divided into two parts. These are: 

  • Bangla language/Grammer- 15
  • Bangla Literature- 20 

Now, Bangla Literature is also divided into two parts: 

  • Ancient Era and Middle Ages – 5 
  • Modern Era- 15 

Now as we learned about the marks distribution of Bangla for the BCS Preli exam, now we’ll talk about How you should start your BCS Preparation Bangla. 

BCS Preparation: Bangla Literature (20 Marks)

1) Start your Bangla Literature preparation with Humayun Azad’s Lal Nil Dipaboli. In this book, the author discussed the era’s of Bangla literature amazingly. Without skipping any topics, we should read the book.

Remember, try not to memorize the book on your first attempt. This will cause a huge amount of time. Also, it’s not a good practice to read any literature like this. Simply just read the book and move to the next step. 

2) After reading ‘lal nil dipaboli’ one should practice the questions. for practising the MCQ questions, you can follow the book named ‘Dorpon by Dr Soumittro Shekhor’. 

In this book, you can find topic-wise questions and answers, and that’s why it becomes more convenient to start your preparation by practicing from this book.

3) Try to focus more on the Modern Era, as you have noticed there will be 15 questions in the preliminary exam from the modern era. 

4) Lastly, try to solve the previous year’s questions from the question banks. That is how gradually you can improve your performance in Bangla Literature.

BCS Bangla Preli preparation by “Gurukul BCS Preparation

BCS Preparation: Bangla Language (15 Marks)

1) You can start your Bangla Language preparation using the Bangla grammar book of  Class 9 and 10. Try to go through the book by understanding each topic without memorising anything. As it is all about Bangla grammar, memorising answers will not be useful in the exam condition. 

2) After completing every topic, follow the book named Dorpon for further practice. 

3)  Lastly, try to solve the previous year’s questions from the question banks. That is how gradually you can improve your performance in the Bangla language section.

So the Recommended Books for Bangla language and literature are: 

  • Lal Nil Dipaboli by Humayun Azad Sir for Bangla Literature. 
  • Bangla Grammar Book of Class 9 and 10th for Bangla Language. 
  • Dorpon by Dr Soumittro Shekhor for practising questions. 
  • Question Bank for further preparation. 

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