BCS Preparation tips

BCS Preparation tips-Things that help to crack the exam

BCS or Bangladesh Civil Service is considered one of the hardest and competitive exams in Bangladesh. Every year almost 200 to 400 thousand candidates compete with one another for around 2500 job vacancies. So, your BCS Preparation should be perfect if you want to become a BCS Cadre.

In this article, we will talk about: 

  • How you should start your BCS Preparation? 
  • What are the things you should avoid doing while taking BCS Preparation? 
  • Lastly, What are the common mistakes made by the BCS Candidates? 

How you should start your BCS Preparation?

1) Make a study plan depending on how much time you have left to sit for the BCS exam.  

Firstly, Making a study plan is really important. If you have enough time to prepare for your BCS exam, then you can start taking preparation in details.

But, if you don’t have enough time left to sit for the exam, then you can start your preparation with the question banks or going through digests.

2) Make a proper study routine.

By following a proper study routine you will be able to utilize every second of time in a proper manner. As, before your exam, every second is crucial for your preparation. 

3) Start your preparation with the subject you enjoy studying. 

You should start your BCS preparation with the subject you love to read. This will keep your mind in a joyful state and will keep you motivated.

4) Follow the questions of previous terms.

By following the BCS questions of previous terms, you will be able to know what you should study, which topics are important, which topics you need to cover in details, and most importantly you will find a few similar types of questions in the next BCS examination. 

5) You should read the daily newspapers. 

Reading daily newspapers are important for a BCS Candidate. This way you will get an up to date knowledge about Bangladesh and the world. 

6) Read Current affairs

By reading current affairs, you will find the important pieces of news in one place which is easy to read and memorize. It also helps you to keep your knowledge up to date. 

7) Buy only one book per subject 

Most of the new BCS candidates make mistakes of buying too many books on one subject. Then, they became confused about which books to read and what to read. Ultimately, their preparation for this particular subject remains incomplete.

So, before you buy any book, properly know about it, so that you don’t need to buy any other books on this particular subject. 

8) Reading the Constitution of Bangladesh is important for Preliminary and Written examination.

9) For international affairs, you can follow Dr.Tarek Shamsur Rahman’s books. 

10) Keep practising English Grammer and Mathematics

English grammar and Mathematics is about preparation. Because there are no limits to grammatical and mathematical rules. Here, one will get the highest marks who practised a lot. So, grow your expertise in these subjects by practising. 

11) For Bangla Grammar, go through the textbooks of class 9th and 10th.

What are the things you should avoid doing while taking BCS Preparation? 

  1. Avoid buying too many books. 
  2. Don’t become confused by hearing too many tips and suggestions 
  3. Avoid reading a certain topic in too many details 
  4. Be conscious about using social media, like Facebook or other platforms.
  5. Don’t get in trouble with anyone. 

What are the common mistakes made by the BCS Candidates?

  1. Taking 200 mark’s preparation. 
  2. Reading more, but not reading important things 
  3. Not reading properly just to cover up the syllabus
  4. Don’t have any idea about what to read, and what not to. 
  5. Reading a certain topic in too many details 
  6. Didn’t go through the last year’s question
  7. Buying too many books 
  8. Scared of thinking about the exam 

These are a few important tips that might help you with starting your BCS Preparation. Try to follow these tips and implement them as you study for the BCS Exam, and try to avoid common mistakes. As a result, you will be able to save your valuable time and utilize it properly.
Lastly, if you think these tips are useful then let us know. You can comment below.

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