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This website is built for webmasters who are looking for creating backlinks for their sites by guest blogging. Backlinks are really important for a website to grow higher.

We are only asking for an original article(i.e. not published anywhere else) with a minimum length of 500 words>.

You can add one link in your article. This link will be DoFollow.

Types of Guest Blogging articles we accept

As is website is all about guest blogging and giving backlinks to other sites, we accept articles on 10 different niches. These are:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Finance Blogs
  3. Travel and Tourism Blogs
  4. Health Blogs
  5. Food Blogs
  6. Lifestyle Blogs
  7. Family Blogs
  8. Education Blogs
  9. Entrepreneurship Blogs
  10. Technology Blogs

What LinkoGraph will Do For You

  • We will share the articles or guest blogs on our social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • With every blog post, we will include the author’s bio details (Name and website name
  • We will do OnPage SEO for your blog post before publishing it on the website. 

Guest Blogging Guidelines

If you are interested to create a DoFollow backlink with us then please follow the guidelines before submitting an article: 

  • Create an engaging headline/ title. 
  • Split your content with relevant sub-headings. 
  • Paragraphs should be small so that it is easy to read. 
  • Articles should be original and plagiarism free (Not Copied for other websites)
  • Articles should be at least 500 words long. 
  • Articles need to be well formatted. 
  • Use a high-quality and copyright-free image in the article. 

How to Submit the article

We will be happy if you email us the article (word, PDF format). We also accept submissions as Google doc.
Please include the following information in your email:

  • Your Name and bio details (these will be added as the author’s bio in the blog post)
  • Category Name (Category: Digital Marketing)
  • Mention the keyword you have focused on. (Keyword: Online Marketing)

Editorial Process

  • After your article submission, we will review the article and reach out within 3 to 4 working days. 
  • We may also suggest you to do some Modification if necessary.  
  • We also reserve the right to edit the content and you will be notified about every change we made in your content. 

Terms of Use

  • We don’t pay you for articles. 
  • If we find the article is posted anywhere else before, we can remove it from our website. 
  • You will never claim any payment or copyright infringement for your submitted article. 
  • You can not promote any affiliate links.

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