How nanotechnology can change the future?

If I say in the future the paints we use outside of the wall will work as a solar panel and the bricks we use to build our houses will work as a battery. It might sound crazy right now, but we are not really far from this kind of future, and this will happen just because of nanotechnology.

Modern science taught us how to explore the world, and our scientists are working day and night to explore and invent new things, but still, there are many things left unexplored among them one is the microscopic world, which has the power to amaze us.

In this article, we will go deeper than the microscopic world, and we will learn about the nanoscopic world, where objects are billions of times smaller than the objects we work with today and this is nanotechnology.

Definition of nanotechnology?

It is the technology that is developed in a nanoscale. In other words, it means working with an object at an atomic level. 

Now, you may ask, How small the nanoscale is?  Well, the size of 1nm(nano-meter) is one billion of a meter (1nm=106^-9m), which is about 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. The width of a single paper can be 75,000nm. Now you probably got an idea of how small the nanoscale can be. Making new things on this incredibly small scale is called nanotechnology.

The Possibilities of the use of Nanotechnology

  • We can do many interesting things with this. It makes us understand how the universe we are living in is working. When we enter the nano-scale we become able to do many kinds of things in the field of physics which are normally impossible to do.
  • Everything ever exists in the world built with atoms. For example, the things we eat, the clothes we wear, the houses we are living in, and even our own body is built with atoms that are arranged in a particular order. Using nanotechnology scientists can change the arrangement of the atoms and they will be able to transform the shape of any particular object. 
  • Also using nanotechnology scientists can change the melting point of any object. As well, the electrical conductivity, chemical reactivity, and magnetic permeability can be modified. 
  • There are lots of possibilities for using nanotechnology in the medical field. Today curing cancer cells are a bit challenging but in the near future doctors will be able to treat particularly affected cell of the body. Thay will be able to inject the medicines right into the affected cells. As a result, treatment will become more effective and there will be fewer side effects.
  • Using this technology we also can protect our climate. It can be used to save many raw materials like water, and energy. Also, it can help us to remove greenhouse gas from our climate. 
  • If we can extend the strength of any matter using nanotechnology then it will be more durable, and products will last more than usual. 

So the possibilities are limitless in nanotechnology. We’ve mentioned only a few possible things. But we are not really far from the future where nanotechnology will be used in our everyday life to make it batter.

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