Is fatigue a sign of pregnancy?

Is fatigue a sign of pregnancy?

Fatigue and tiredness. And pregnancy can be something that you experience very early on. In fact, you might feel it even before you get your BFP or Big Fat positive. But it’s also a symptom that you can experience throughout pregnancy and very late in pregnancies. So, Is fatigue a sign of pregnancy? Yes, It is.

In this article I’ll talk about: 

  • What causes pregnancy Fatigue?
  • When does pregnancy fatigue occur?

What causes pregnancy fatigue?

It has to do with your hormones. Somewhat hormone changes, especially, are specifically an early pregnancy can lead to this extreme tiredness. This exhaustion that you might feel progesterone tends to kind of relax everything, and it can just make you really sleepy.

 In addition to hormone changes, though, blood flow increases, which puts extra demand on the heart. The heart is basically working overtime. To get all the blood where it needs to go. Your body is wanting to send extra blood to the placenta, wanting to send nutrients to your new growing bundle. So that’s a lot of work on the body.

You also might be experiencing blood sugar or blood pressure changes. Specifically, your blood pressure could be lower than normal, which can also make you feel tired. And then on top of all of that, you may just be an emotional being. I guess you might feel very emotionally up and down, which can then take a toll on you and add to the tiredness or the fatigue that you feel. Pregnancy does a lot to a woman testify.

When does pregnancy fatigue occur?

It’s mostly associated with the first trimester and the third trimester. So early in pregnancy and later on in pregnancy, and each for kind of their own sets of reasons for the first trimester. It’s a lot of the reasons I just mentioned what causes pregnancy fatigue. It’s the hormone that changes your body’s kind of adjusting to this new situation you’ve got going on.

 And then Luckily, in the second trimester, things kind of tend to even out. You notice maybe that your morning sickness goes away. If you have that, a lot of the first trimester symptoms may disappear for you in the second trimester, not for everyone. Obviously, every pregnancy is different, even for one woman. 1 pregnancy is different from the other pregnancy that they may have.

But generally speaking, the second trimester is when women feel their best in pregnancy. Typically, the baby isn’t so big that you’re uncomfortable, but you’re also not experiencing as many of those nasty first trimester symptoms. And as far as pregnancy tiredness, pregnancy fatigue and the third trimester, a lot of that has to do with, of course, there are hormone aspects and there are all kinds of things, but the size of the baby can make you just physically exhausted. You’re uncomfortable, so you’re tossing and turning through the night. Perhaps insomnia and anxiety are sometimes associated with the third trimester as well, so it’s harder to get sleep for different reasons, so that can make you tired.

Is fatigue a sign of pregnancy too? Let us know.

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