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(Updated) BCS Syllabus- Preliminary and Written (PDF)

BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) is considered one of the toughest exams in Bangladesh as the syllabus is pretty large. But one will be able to crack the exam if he/she follows the syllabus properly and start taking preparation according to the syllabus.

Before we start talking about the BCS Preliminary and Written syllabus, let’s know some important things about this exam. Firstly, the exam is conducted in 3 different steps. These are: 

  • 1st Step: Preliminary Exam (200 marks)
    • Basically in the preliminary test, you have to answer 200 MCQ questions within 2 hours. Where you will get 1 mark for each correct answer and you will lose a 0.50 mark for each of your wrong answers. That means for your two wrong answers you will lose 1 mark. 
  • 2nd Step: Written Exam (900 marks)
    • Only those candidates who passed the preliminary exam can participate in the written examination. Here, Candidates will be tested on six different subjects and the total mark is 900. One should get 50% numbers (450 marks) to become eligible for the Viva exam.
    • If someone gets a number below 30% on any subject then the marks on the particular subject will not be counted. 
    • Also, you have to give an extra 200 mark’s exam (900+200), if you choose Both General and Professional cadre. 
  • Last Step: Viva Exam (200 marks)
    • The candidates will be called for their Viva exam if they successfully pass the written test. In the Viva, you will be asked questions on some particular topics and you have to get 100 marks out of 200 to successfully pass the viva exam. 

Basically, this is the format of the BCS exam. This exam is taken by Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC), and they publish the exam syllabus before each term of examination. 

Now one by one I will provide you with the syllabus of the BCS Preliminary and BCS Written examination. 

BCS Preliminary Exam Syllabus

As we have discussed earlier, the BCS Preliminary exam contains 200 marks where questions will come in an MCQ format. These questions will be asked from 10 different categories, where each category carries a different marks limit.   

Marks distribution of categories are given below.  

Serial NoCategories Marks
1Bangla Language and Literature 35
2English Language and Literature 35
3Bangladesh Affairs30
4International Affairs20
5Mathematics 15
6Mental Ability 15
7Geography, Environment and Disaster Management10
8General Science 15
9Ethics, Values and Good Governance10
10Computer and Information Technology15
Total 200

Now we will individually explain each category. So that you can have a clear idea of what you should study in these categories.

1) Bangla Language and Literature

It is divided into two parts. These are: 

  1. Bangla Language (15 Marks)
  2. Bangla Literature (20 Marks)

Bangla Literature is also divided into 2 parts. These are: 

  • Ancient Era and Middle Ages (5 Marks)
  • Modern Era (15 Marks)
BCS Exam Syllabus 2

2) English Language and Literature

It is also divided into 2 parts. These are: 

  • English Language (20) 
  • English Literature (15)

The part, English Language contains: 

  • Parts of Speech 
  • Idioms & Phrase 
  • Clauses
  • Corrections 
  • Sentence & Transformation 
  • Words 
  • Composition

The part, English Literature contains: 

  • Names of writers of literary pieces from the Elizabethan period to the 21st Century. 
  • Quotations from drama/ poetry of different ages.
BCS Exam Syllabus 3
BCS Exam Syllabus 4

3) Bangladesh Affairs 

BCS Exam Syllabus 5

4) International Affairs 

BCS Exam Syllabus 6

5) Mathematics 

BCS Exam Syllabus10

6) Mental Ability 

To answer the questions from this part, you have to be good at 6 things. These are: 

  • Verbal Reasoning 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Spelling and Language
  • Mechanical Reasoning 
  • Space Relation
  • Numerical Ability 
BCS Exam Syllabus 11

7) Geography, Environment and Disaster Management 

BCS Exam Syllabus 7

8) General Science

This category is divided into 3 parts. These are: 

  • Physics (05 Marks)
  • Biology (05 Marks)
  • Modern Science (05 Marks)
BCS Exam Syllabus 8

9) Ethics, Values and Good Governance 

You should focus on the following things to answer questions from this category. 

  • Definition of values and good governance.
  • The relation between values and Good governance.
  • The general perception of values and good governance.
  • Importance of values and good governance in the life of an individual as a citizen as well as in the making of society and national ideals.
  • Impact of values and good governance in national development. 
  • How the element of good governance and values can be established in society in a given social context. 
  • The benefit of values and good governance and the cost society pays adversely in their absence. 
BCS Exam Syllabus 12

10) Computer and Information Technology

It is divided into 2 parts. These are: 

  • Computer (10 Marks)
  • Information technology (5 marks)
BCS Exam Syllabus 9

Click Here: Download BCS Preliminary Exam Syllabus (PDF)

BCS Written Exam Syllabus

Well, there are a total of 27 cadres in BCS, which are distributed in 2 categories. These are: 

  • General Cadre 
  • Technical/ Professional Cadre 

Marks distribution of written exam for these categories is different. Depending on your choice, you have to participate in either one of these, or you can choose Both Cadres. 

Now One by one I’ll discuss the Marks Distribution for both of these cadres. 

Marks Distribution for General Cadre 

Serial NoCategoriesMarks
3Bangladesh Affairs200
4International Affairs100
5Mathematical logic and mental ability 100
6General Science and Technology 100

Marks Distribution for Technical/ Professional Cadre 

Serial NoCategoriesMarks
3Bangladesh Affairs200
4International Affairs100
5Mathematical logic and mental ability 100
6Post related subject200

Click Here: Download BCS Written Exam Syllabus (PDF)

This is all about BCS written and preliminary syllabus. These information are taken from the internet if you find any mistake or irrelevance, please let us know. You can comment below or you can contact us on our Facebook page.

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